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Accounting Office in Kraków. Accounting is our passion! The major purposes of our company are complex service of our customers and their satisfaction. We always aim at perfection in everything we do.

We constantly create new solutions which are designed to improve customer service. We offer services of outsourcing and accounting, which for the companies mean cutting the costs of business activity by covering the indispensable but either expensive and time consuming bookkeeping, tax and HR activities.

Accounting Ledgers
Revenue and Expense Ledger
Tax on recorded revenue without deductible costs
Accountant in Chief Outsourcing
Consulting, advising
HR and Payroll

A decision to start cooperation with us is a profitable decision under the condition that we choose a right partner. We provide all the services you need - assistance in establishing a company, accounting of all kinds of business activities, taxes, HR and social insurance.

Conferring us your finances, lets you easily deal with your business. Leave us visiting financial institutions such as Tax Office or Social Insurance Office… It is hard to surprise us. We are flexible, we always agree with our customers at their convenient time and place.