Privacy policy

Accounting Partners Sp. z o.o hereinafter referred to as the "Administrator", guarantees the users of the websites the toright to choose to share information related to them. ADMINISTRATOR informs that it uses cookies on the web, ie text files, so called. Cookies and others to record information about which sites the visitor visited and what they did on them.

"Cookies" - what is it?

Cookies are tiny pieces of information that your browser saves. Everyone uses cookies - why? It's easy - with cookies your web site remembers your preferences.

Why and how we use cookies
  • Authentication

    ADMINISTRATOR uses cookies to identify the logged-on user to display relevant information to his or her interests.

  • Security

    ADMINISTRATOR uses cookies to support mechanisms to prevent abuse of the website, including data leakage.

  • Preferences, features, and services

    ADMINISTRATOR uses cookies to obtain information about the user's language and communication preferences. They are also helpful when filling forms on your site. Notwithstanding the above, Social plugins provide the user with features, important information, and content that is tailored to their individual needs.

    ADMINISTRATOR allows other entities to use the mechanism of cookies on the website Administrator. These are, among others. social media providers, especially Facebook, Youtube, Twitter:

    • Facebook

      ADMINISTRATOR places the buttons on the pages of your site like I Like and Recommend / Share related to Facebook. For this purpose, a code referencing Facebook is included in the relevant sections and pages. By using the Like button or by recommending an image or section of a page, the user logs on to Facebook, which governs Facebook's privacy policy. You can read these rules

    • Youtube

      ADMINISTRATOR embeds video clips from YouTube on its website. For this purpose, a code referring to YouTube is included in the relevant sections and pages. YouTube tracks video playback, and this tracking follows the privacy policies that are available

    • Twitter

      ADMINISTRATOR places on the pages of your website the buttons for adding Twitter posts that are linked to the Twitter service. For this purpose, a code referencing Twitter is included in the relevant sections and pages. By adding an entry, the user logs in to Twitter, which governs Twitter's privacy policy. You can read these rules

  • Advertisement

    ADMINISTRATOR may use cookies to show the user the ads that interest him or her, both inside and outside of the ADMINISTRATOR. We may also use cookies to find out if the users who saw the ad on the ADMINISTRATOR's site have visited the advertiser's site. In a similar way, our partners may use cookies to determine whether we have shown their ads, what these results were, and provide us with information on how users respond to them. We may also work with a partner to show the AD adverts to the ADMINISTRATOR web site after the user visits the site or app. Cookies and technologies such as web beacons, pixels, and anonymous ad network tags allow for more effective advertising of our users, as well as aggregated audits, surveys, and reports for advertisers. Note: Since ads and network beacons must be passed directly to the browser from the ad server, these networks may display, edit, or enter their own cookies as if the user requested a website from their website.

  • Performance, analysis and research

    ADMINISTRATOR uses cookies to find out how well our websites work. In addition, we use cookies to understand, streamline, and conduct research on products, features, and services, including when users navigate through the pages.

    ADMINATORS from other websites, apps, or devices while working on a computer or mobile device.

    Most browsers allow users to control cookies in preference settings. Restricting the ability of sites to set cookies may impair the overall quality of your site.

    Internet-related cookies are provided by Google Inc.
    Google Analytics Privacy Policy
    By using google analytics software, the site places a user code on the user's computer to collect user data. ADMINISTRATOR informs that it is a party to the agreement with GOOGLE Inc. And it uses the anonymous IP number of the user. At any time, you may be opposed to data collection by google analyticscs software by changing your web browser settings.

How "cookies" fit our web site to your needs.

"Cookies" help you customize your website content to your users' expectations. In turn, analytical "cookies" files are used to evaluate site visitor statistics. They allow us to judge what are the likes and ratings of users and how we can improve a website for a user.

Authentication cookies allow, among others. easy login, form filling, memorization of web site settings selected by the user.

How can you manage your "cookies" files?

If you do not want to receive cookies, you can change your browser settings. We reserve the right to disable the use of the cookies necessary for the Authentication, Security, and Maintenance of Your Preferences to make it difficult for you to use the ADMINISTRATOR web site, in extreme cases may prevent you from using the web site.

To manage your cookies settings, select from the list below the web browser you are using and follow the instructions:

Mobile devices:

Flash cookies

The Adobe website provides information on how to remove or disable Flash cookies in specific domains:

Please note that limiting your use of Flash cookies will likely affect Flash-based applications, and turning off Flash cookies on the ADMINISTRATOR web site will prevent most content from being played.